Two letters presented to MPC at the Council Meeting of 28/02/11

The MPC Meeting on Monday 28th February 2011 was well attended by Friends of Minchinhampton Library (FoML) and the Coordinator presented two letters (click here to read them on Letters page dated 28/02/11) to the Parish Council and asked the following two questions:

  • There are a large number of people here tonight, who are concerned about the library, and are here because for many of us our County Library is much more than a place where you borrow books and in its present form it is an essential part of our community life: a place of early learning for the young and a really vital ‘life-line’ for older residents.  So please can you take a few minutes to tell us how you see the future of the library and if in your forthcoming negotiations with GCC we can rely upon you to try to keep County Library Services available in Minchinhampton?
  • Can you undertake to given us a written reply to our letters?

Nick Hurst, as Chairman of MPC, responded verbally speaking about a pragmatic approach by MPC and undertook to give us a written reply to our letters as soon as possible.

We understand that subsequently MPC debated the future of library services in Minchinhampton.  We understand that the minutes of this meeting will be available in draft form on 21/03/11 and the finalised version on 28/03/11 at the next MPC meeting.

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