Still No News ….

As you know Mark Hawthorne has refused to negotiate with Friends of Minchinhampton Library.  Gloucestershire County Council is only negotiating with MPC regarding the future of OUR library.  We have asked to be kept informed of events and decisions made at MPC/GCC meetings.  However, to date we have received no up-to-date information regarding any outcomes.  Therefore, we suggest if you would like to keep yourself abreast of events to visit the MPC website and address your concerns to Nick Hurst at The Parish Office, The Trap House, West End, Minchinhampton, GL6 9JA.

Additionally, as you know, there is a MPC meeting on the last Monday of each month and the first 10 minutes is given over to public questions.  So this could be another way of you receiving information about our library, which is in the hands of MPC.

Here is a link to Ian Anstice’s striking map of library cuts nationwide.

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One Response to Still No News ….

  1. So much for localism! We highlighted this to DCMS policy officials when we met with them as one of many examples of the council leaders bad behaviour and his efforts to freeze out local people. They seemed pretty flabbergasted by it. We can only hope they will step in soon!
    In the meantime we will still keep doing all we can to get the answers we all want.
    Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries

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