Confirmation of Extension of Library Service in Minchinhampton until April 2012

Following long discussions with GCC by the Minchinhampton Library Steering Group the Minchinhampton Library will now be able to stay open until April 2012, albeit with reduced hours.  Here is the letter from Sue Laurence, Library Services Manager (Strategy) sent to Stephen Draper, Chairperson of the Minchinhampton Library Steering Group:

Dear Mr Draper

Following your conversation with Mark Parker here is the information you require for your meeting.

GCC will continue to provide the library service up to the end of September 2011 and staff the library to cover existing opening hours.

Assuming that there is a successful business case agreeing to community transfer from April 2012 then from October 2011 the £10,000 community offer fund could be used to cover GCC costs for the library service.

This means that the staffing is still provided by GCC and library property remains within GCC ownership and premises costs are covered by GCC.  The £10,000 can supply 10 hours of staffed time per week assuming a volunteer is available to act as a second presence with the member of staff during these opening hours.

Please note that if GCC has to cover hours as double staffed then it reduces the available opening hours to 5 per week.

From: Sue Laurence

FoML hope there will still be room for negotiation and that we may manage to stay within the County Library System and continue with GCC staffing.  Library staff describe Minchinhampton as one of the busiest and most thriving of the smaller libraries in the County.  We would like to do our utmost to keep the Library open and as much as possible in its present form.

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