Public Meeting about Minchinhampton Library & Youth Club Thursday 13th October 2011 at 7.30pm in Minchinhampton Market House

It has just been announced that there will be a Public Meeting regarding the future of our Library & Youth Club.

Regarding the High Court Hearing of a judicial review of Gloucester County Council’s library plans, that took place in September 2011, a delayed judgement has been made and no date for the announcement of this has been given, and we may not hear anything until December.  It is important for us all to remember that an injunction is in place preventing GCC from implementing its plans before the announcement of this judgement when we (the people of the Parish of Minchinhampton & MPC) make decisions about the future of our Library.  Please see Friends of Gloucestershire Library website for more details.  

The judgement regarding Brent Libraries will come through on 12th October 2011 and it is felt that they have a less strong case than Gloucestershire but this may give some indication of how the courts will deal with GCC Libraries.  FoML have asked Stephen Draper, the Chair of the Library Steering Committee, to make sure that at the meeting on Thursday it is minuted that the court case is still outstanding and that FoML request that no binding agreement is entered into with GCC until the outcome of the Court Case is known.  We would also like to emphasise that a Community Library option means that we are largely outside the County Library System and that the preference would be to be a Library Link so that we legally remain a fully integrated part of the GCC Library Service.



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