In November 2010 Gloucestershire County Council announced the proposed closure of eleven of our libraries county-wide; Minchinhampton Library being one of them.  They are proposing that our library is no longer funded by the council and are leaving it to either close or be ‘community-run’.  This will mean a very limited selection of books with no local access to the county’s stocks or other resources.

Our Library is 26th in the GCC league table of 39 libraries.  In the year of April 2009/10 we had 31,515 visits which resulted in 47,641 loans from a catchment population of 4,498.  This population has now risen to 4,656 for this year.

Library Catchment Population No of visits 2009/10 No of loans 2009/10
Minchinhampton 4,498 31,515 47,641
Nailsworth§ 11,940 69,172 78,720
Stowe* 5,528 30,849 29,278
Fairford^ 6,469 22,595 34,689

§Nailsworth is due to become a Link Library with 3 hours of GCC time. *Stowe will be open for longer hours and for 6 days/week.  ^Fairford will become a Library Express, open 3 days/week plus half day on Saturday.

On Thursday 16th December the Minchinhampton Parish Council (MPC) held a meeting in the Market House, chaired by Cllr Nick Hurst, to discuss the proposed closure of our library, youth centre and cuts to the subsidised bus services.  Cllr Stan Waddington lead us to believe that the closure of our library is inevitable and that there is little we could do about it.  It was proposed by Nick Hurst that we set-up a Steering Group of 4-5 people to look at how we can take this forward in Minchinhampton.  Download the notes taken by Transition Minch from the meeting:  Notes on Minch Town Meeting 16/12/10

Fifteen people are now in the Steering Group which has been divided up into three separate groups to look at the closure of the library, the youth club and finance.  The library group is chaired by Steve Draper.

There was a similar meeting in Nailsworth before Christmas where there was a unanimous decision to fight the proposed change to their library to be open only three hours per week as a Link Library.

Minch Library 26/01/11

Built in the 1970’s, our Library is in School Road, Minchinhampton GL6 9BP             (Phone No: 01453 885497) and is open for 27 hours per week, as follows:                                                                             Monday 2 – 5pm                                                                                                                                   Tuesday 10 – 12.30pm and 2 – 7pm                                                                                                 Thursday 10 – 12.30pm and 2 – 7pm                                                                                               Friday 10 – 12.30pm and 2 – 5pm                                                                                                     Saturday 9.30am – 12.00pm

In 2009/10 Minchinhampton Library received 31,515 visits and issued 47,641 books and other media loans in a catchment area of 5,000 population.  This is a total of 23 visits and 35 loans per hour that the library is open.  This is better than many libraries with large catchment populations.  Besides books the library hires DVDs and music CDs and gives free use of the internet.

There are a number of special clubs/events in our library each week: The Library Club which meets on the first Thursday of every month from 11am to 12.30pm; Children’s Story Time every Thursday afternoon from 2.45pm to 3.15pm; Baby Bounce & Rhyme for babies and young children, meeting every Tuesday from 2.45pm to 3.15pm, and includes singing, noise-making and good company!


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