Library Steering Group

In January 2012, Stephen Draper (Minchinhampton Parish Councillor and Library Steering Group Chair) wrote to FoML saying to confirm:

“the Parish Council wish Minchinhampton Library to stay within the GCC system and do not believe a community library would work.”

For their submission to GCC see our Statistics page

The Library Steering Group was set up by Minchinhampton Parish Council, after the Public Meeting on 16/12/10, to look at how to keep our library open.

Here is the statement prepared by Ian Crawley & Nick Hurst:

The Future of Library Services in Minchinhampton

Proposed Statement from Minchinhampton Parish Council Service Provision Steering Group


We recognise Minchinhampton cannot be immune from the cuts the County Council are making and wish to work with the County Council’s Library Services to reduce costs and perhaps offset with income, in order to sustain as much opening time in the County Library as possible.

Library services need to continue to change, recognising alterations in what customers want, the changing population; and technological advances in the provision of print and music.

Social and economic circumstances in the Parish, and the viability and vitality of the primary schools require the continued availability of accessible library services.

A County Library Service is far superior to a community-run service, because of the latter’s dependence on other, less reliable, sources of funding and volunteer management and operations.

There should be no disruption in continuity in the provision of library services in any transition between the current County Library and any fundamental changes to it or sustainable long term community provision.

None of the remaining County Libraries (Nailsworth, Stroud or Tetbury) are realistic alternatives to maintaining a County Library in Minchinhampton due to the low frequency and cost of public transport; and the lack of availability and increasing cost of private cars.  Geography and road networks make sustainable access difficult and many in the client group are of limited mobility.

The future of library services in the town is sensibly reviewed alongside the future of youth services and the provision of community services and the buildings available to house them.

It is important to involve residents in deciding options and making the decision on a sustainable future for library services in the town (as evidenced by the FoML petition with over 2,400 signatures).

Priorities in order

1. The next Twelve Months

The current County Library continues albeit, with sensibly reduced hours.  Urgent work is undertaken on ways in which the library, and the building, can be used more effectively and efficiently for longer hours.  GCC has an open book approach to all the relevant data and information, which is also shared on the FoML website. Work is carried out on reviewing community needs and opportunities for service provision in the town; and the current community buildings.

2. One to Three Years

Library services (and other services) continue in the same building, ideally with a continuing County Library Service presence.

3. Long Term

Library Services, integrated with other services, are provided from the library building or an equally accessible location in Minchinhampton.

IC and NCH/28 February 2011


Constructive Meeting between FoML & MPC Library Steering Group on 09/03/11

Stephen Draper, Chair of the Minchinhampton Parish Council Library Steering Group, had a constructive meeting with FoML on 9th March 2011 to explore common ground and agree the need for the Steering Group’s Questionnaire to profile library use, to be sent to as many people as possible.  This can be completed on-line anonymously – you may give your postcode if you wish.  It is hoped that this questionnaire will soon be available in ‘paper format’ in the library and elsewhere in Minchinhampton.

Click here for the on-line Steering Group Questionnaire

It was also discussed that following the Meeting with Mark Hawthorne and his team, scheduled for 25th March 2011, a Public Meeting should be called to give information to residents about the latest developments.  We will keep you posted about this.


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