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‘Our Library is too good to lose – books not cuts’


On Saturday 5th February 2011 we had a morning of animating events to support our library

Children & Parents at Story Telling Morning 05/02/11

Children & Parents at Story Telling Morning 05/02/11


John Dougherty, Children's author at 9.30am

Hands up for the Library, by children & adults from Minchinhampton

Saturday morning´s action was full of fun. John Dougherty burst into song, rhyme and tales that captured the children’s imagination – quite a few of the adults too! He ended in a song against the cuts and we all joined in.

Uncle Dinesh Story telling

Uncle Dinesh Story telling

Next was Uncle Dinesh who sang songs and told a foreign tale about a special squirrel, he also had a furry helper who had hidden himself, the children helped him find it. Cathryn Webb also read stories while the children sat engrossed and there were plenty of colourful hands drawn in support of our library. There were many willing helpers from the Friends of the library and scores signed the petition. The library was a buzz with activity, with 40 and more people at any one time.  Over 500 people came throughout the three hours, including Cllr. Stan Waddington who showed his support by talking to many people and completing a ‘hands up’ paper silhouette for supporting Minchinhampton Library.

Thank you to everyone who showed their support.

Our library is too good to lose, once the doors are shut they won´t open again.


  • Download a copy of the Save the Minchinhampton Library Petition and become a ‘Friend of Minchinhampton Library and get all your friends and neighbours to sign it too.  Then take the completed form(s) to the ‘Meeting the Challenge’ table at the Library in Minchinhampton.  Download Petition & FoML sign-up Form
  • visit a ‘Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries’ website and sign the on-line petition (County-wide petition).  Also do look at the information and stats about libraries.
  • write urgently and express your concerns to Cllrs Mark Hawthorne (Leader of the Council) and Cllr Antonia Noble (Cabinet Member for Caring & Community Services) at Cabinet Office, Gloucestershire County Council, Shire Hall, Westgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2TG with a copy to our Parish Council at the Trap House.  Or via email: or

“Leave the libraries alone. You don’t know the value of what you’re looking after. It is too precious to destroy.”                                                                                                                                                            Philip Pullman from a speech he gave in Oxford on 20/01/11                                                           click here to read full article

There was a protest rally Saturday 29th Jan in Stroud against the cuts:

A good turnout and some rousing speeches from Steve Robinson, Mayor of Nailsworth; John Dougherty, author and protestor; Cllr John Marjoram, Deputy Mayor of Stroud; Demelza Jones from Friends of Gloucestershire Library; Cllr Martin Whiteside, Green Party District Councillor, David Drew ex-MP for Stroud and many more.

To see a YouTube video of the day’s events made by Cllr Philip Booth click here


Visit their website

Wivesliscombe Library faced closure too but the people of Wiveliscombe have campaigned and already Somerset County Council have issued a statement to say that they plan to save their library.


3 Responses to Actions & Events

  1. Andy Simpson says:

    Good luck and please let Minch Surgery know of anything we can do to help

  2. Ellen Papadeas says:

    As a frequent visitor to Minchinhampton from the U.S., I rely upon the library for books, dvd’s and computer usage. There I see moms with tots learning alongside their elders and small acts of human kindness being exchanged among strangers. The library is a gathering place for learning and community for everyone. Each time I return, I look forward to seeing the librarians, who always greet me with a smile and are the most patient and kind public servants I have ever encountered. Is this really what you wish to eradicate?

  3. Jo Major says:

    As former Library Manager for both Wotton Under Edge and then Minchinhampton Library I was totally horrified to read of these proposed cuts.I understand from the very heart of these communities the impact these senseless actions will have.What is the point of promoting literacy in our schools and yet distroying the reading hub of the communities these children live in.What sort of message does closing libraries send to young people.That books don’t matter.How dare they.What chance does the future generation have.The money spent on promoting literacy should be spent in and on the libraries.Why are libraries always treated as a soft touch for cuts.Leave them alone.Stop riping everything that is valued by decent educated people out of their communities.Enough is totally enough.Minchinhampton and Wotton good luck you have my full support.

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