What Next?

Update 17th Feb 2011

Now is the time, as the Council have agreed their budget cuts to write as strongly as you can to MPs.

For example, writing to David Cameron & Nick Clegg with copies to Geoffrey Clifton-Brown.  Facts are very helpful so remind yourself of:

  • the case for keeping a GCC Library in Minchinhampton as set out in FoML’s letter of 10th February (see Home page post entitled Cllr Stan Waddington to present our petition to full council on 16th February 2011 ).
  • the email from the Head teacher at Minchinhampton Primary School, Nick Moss (see Letters page)
  • the post on Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries about ‘Why Cllr Noble’s Buckinghamshire compairson doesn’t add up’ click here for link

What Next? up to 16th Feb 2011

The deadline for giving in our petition with the first 1000 signatures is midday on Friday 11th February 2011.  We are working hard to make this happen and to write an accompanying letter to Cllr Mark Hawthorne stating why we need to keep our library open.  If you still haven’t signed the petition you can do so at Woefuldane Organic Dairy at the top of the High Street, up and until 3pm on Thursday 10th.  If you want to get more signatures download the form at the bottom of Actions & Events page and bring them to Woefuldane by 3pm on Thursday.

Gloucestershire County Council

Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries set up a county-wide petition to raise 5,000 signatures (the number required for GCC to have to debate an issue) and have smashed the target with 13,000 signatures.  The Council meeting for 19th January 2011 was set to debate the library closures.

Unfortunately the Council meeting on the 19th was something of a shambles (full story here). Councillors spent as long arguing over how to deal with the petitition as they did on the debate itself, and there was no vote on the petition demands, despite all Councillors except those on the Conservative side of the Chamber calling for this.  We are informed that the concerns raised by the petition will be carried forward into the Cabinet meeting on 2nd February 2011, and a representative of FoGL is invited to address that meeting.

On 2nd February 2011 GCC again debated the fate of our libraries.  Demelza Jones was asked to attend again and present a statement on behalf of Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries (FoGL) and the 15,000 signatories.  The Cabinet actually voted on their proposals before the statement was even read out. To read the full statement from please click here.


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